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Hilarious Truck Dismount: What is This Guy Doing? [VIDEO]

This epic truck dismount will leave you in stitches…and maybe the guy trying to get off his 4×4, too.

This guy either had too much to drink, or the pharmacist got his medication wrong.

Either way, whether he should drive or not is besides point. He just can’t seem to find his way to the ground.

Once the inevitable happens and he lands, you won’t believe how he gets back in the saddle.

Luckily for all involved, the police in the area seem to be well acquainted with this gentleman and his epic truck dismount methods.

We can never be quite certain what’s going on in a video like this. Some guy trying to get out of the bed of his pickup truck looks like a joke, but maybe the joke’s on us.

Bystanders should really let the police know about this guy before he drives away, even if the video is a fake. The cops know how to deal with it.

This is a good laugh and all in fun, but bad things happen when good people stay silent.

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Hilarious Truck Dismount: What is This Guy Doing? [VIDEO]