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Hilarious Things That Really Suck When You’re Fishing [VIDEO]

Whether you slide the net under that trophy the wrong way or hit the gas when you really want to slow down, these are the things that really suck when you’re trying to fish.

We don’t mind if you fail, just make sure that you videotape it.

Here’s a bunch of guys that were on the wrong end of the karma stick when they went fishing that time, but we’re not laughing at their misery because we’ve all been there!

No, we’re laughing anyway.

Is the guy in the Shimano shirt the unluckiest angler of all time, or does he need to just quit fishing?

It was a hoot watching him punch it and then try to hang on to his rod for dear life!

Somebody buy these guys a bigger net please, and don’t laugh too hard at the guy that reached back and put a double set of treble hooks into his other outfit; we’ve all done it.

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Hilarious Things That Really Suck When You’re Fishing [VIDEO]