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Hilarious Talking Deer Recaps His Final Moments [VIDEO]

Talking deer tells us about his final moments, and the trouble he is having in his new home…

Check out this video from Luke Palmer to hear this buck’s experience.


If there ever was a talking deer, I would prefer him to sound like this. I could not stop laughing, especially after… “I can’t move my extremities!”

Many of us have probably wondered what goes on in the mind of an animal at some point in our lives. Maybe the family dog or cat acted in a strange manner and you thought to yourself, “What could they possibly be thinking?”

As a hunter, I have had those same curiosities about deer, perhaps in the final moments of its life, or if it still had thoughts while it was hanging on the living room wall (hypothetically of course).

A comedic approach is always best. This video nails it.

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Hilarious Talking Deer Recaps His Final Moments [VIDEO]