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A Hilarious Look at Hunting Expectations vs Reality [PICS]

RMS Gear/Blogspot

Sometimes things just don't go according to plan. Especially when we set our hunting expectations a little too high...

We all have different reasons why we hunt. Family tradition, necessity, profession (I wish), or just to put extra meat in the freezer.  I think we can all agree that the enjoyment becomes an obsession, and year after year we will be out there at it again.

When we do something often enough, like hunting, things are bound to happen; things that are unexpected, or perhaps just not what we had in mind.

Here is a list hunting expectations that we thought would happen versus the reality that followed.

Training your hunting dog.

"I'm going to train my dog to be the best in the woods."


bird dog
The Constant Ranger



Attack Dog Puddle
Funny or Die


On the trail.

"My four-wheel drive is not only going to climb mountains, but it's going to look good doing it..."


going hunting
Creekside at Moab



going hunting1
River Bank of Truth


Hunting Pictures

"This year, I'm going to get that big buck I've always been after and I'll finally have a great new photo for the hunting album!"


hunting picture
Hunt Only



hunting picture1
Hunting Net


Preparing for the hunt.

"I might as well look fierce while I'm hunting; let me see how well I can apply this face paint..."


Business Insider



Hunting NY


Elk hunting in the mountains.

"I've been training for months; I'm in the best shape of my life; this is going to be awesome!"


elk hunting
Media Direct FTP



elk hunting1
RMS Gear/Blogspot


The perfect majestic morning.

"I've been waiting all week to hunt again, the weather will be perfect and I am stoked! It's going to be a beautiful morning."


morning hunt
Untold Animal Stories



morning hunt1
Skinny Moose


Bird hunting.

"This might be my first time to go bird hunting, but I'm pretty sure... I got this."


bird hunting
Google Plus/Adrian Tuhut



bird hunting1
iMovie Quotes


If you've been out there in the woods hunting for long enough, you can probably relate to a few of these scenarios.

You have to be able to just laugh and roll with the punches, because something like getting stuck in the mud isn't going to stop us from doing it all over again next year.

Happy hunting! Follow me on Twitter @YoBlakeO

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A Hilarious Look at Hunting Expectations vs Reality [PICS]