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Hilarious: Jason Fishing Pranks Will Have You Laughing [VIDEO]

After watching this prank, you’ll be laughing and checking over your shoulder.

Friday the 13th (the date, not the movie) doesn’t come around very often, but it’s always a good time for a prank. These two videos are hilarious, and the prank victims’ reactions are even better.

Check out this “Jason mask” fishing prank.

It took this group three weeks to film the video in Rhode Island. It was definitely worth their time and determination. Heck, they were so dedicated, they even used scuba gear. It was the sequel to another another Jason fishing prank.

Check out this other awesome Friday the 13th Prank.

The scares in both of these films seem genuine, something a lot of prank videos lack. The crew even took a scuba class to get certified before shooting this video. They said, “hockey mask $10.00, coveralls $40.00, machete $15.00, having scuba equipment to to pull off this prank priceless!”

I can’t agree more. Happy pranking!

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Hilarious: Jason Fishing Pranks Will Have You Laughing [VIDEO]