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Hilarious Ice Fishing Music Video [VIDEO]

Performed by the two-piece band called The Tip Ups, this ice fishing music video lends some good advice and much-needed laughs.

Watch this ice fishing music video and get some advice on using a tip up and some tips about how to pass the time on the ice, all while laughing your ass off.

This catchy ice fishing music video tune, inspired by a Beach Boys song, is called “All You Need is a Fishing Pole.”

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These Minnesota boys certainly show us how to ice fish in this music video, delivering jokes the whole way through.

Now you know how to use a tip up and pass the time in the ice shack.

Remember, “All you need is a fishing pole, a bucket, bait and beef jerky. Or a rattle reel if that’s how you roll.”

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Hilarious Ice Fishing Music Video [VIDEO]