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Hilarious Hunting Fails – You Know You’ve Been There Too! [VIDEOS]

Ever had a hunting fail? Felt a little silly? Happy it wasn’t caught on tape? Well, these guys weren’t so lucky! Enjoy!

We all make mistakes. Luckily most of our mistakes aren’t caught on camera. These hunters weren’t so lucky.

Check out these hunting fails and then have a chuckle at their expense. Maybe you’ll learn a little about what not to do when in the field.

Video 1: Bored Boars

Let’s see…how many slow-moving boars can I miss at close range in the daylight? 1…2…3…4…5…

Video 2: Nananannaaaanaaaa!

This deer has some ‘splainin to do when he gets home!!! (And the hunter, too!)

Video 3: World’s Dumbest Hunter or World’s Dumbest Deer? You decide!

I bet this guy never lives down this epic fail video!

Video 4: Ooooops!

How many shots does it take to kill a grouse…not moving…in the middle of the road…on a silver platter…just waiting for that kill shot? Apparently none, as this guy goes home empty-handed (but with a great viral video for memories!).

Video 5: Dog-gone it!

Even hunting dogs have fails!

Video 6: Talk about Hog Wild!

Revenge of hog…but the hunter wins in the end. The VERY end!

Video 7: Deer-lickin’ good? [STRONG LANGUAGE]

Momma always said, don’t lick the barrel of a gun! – Bambi

Moral of the story? Friends don’t let friends videotape!!! Got any funny hunting fails? Share them with us!

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Hilarious Hunting Fails – You Know You’ve Been There Too! [VIDEOS]