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Bill Engvall Goes Deer Hunting with His Wife [VIDEO]

bill engvall

Bill Engvall tells his story of taking his wife hunting, and it will definitely have you laughing.

Have you seen this stand up story by Bill Engvall? He describes taking his wife out deer hunting, and the ridiculousness that ensues.

Get some popcorn and be ready to laugh at this hilarious hunting standup story.

This deer hunting story simply never gets old. The Blue Collar Comedy group is popular for telling everyday stories similar to this. Most of the comedy group are outdoorsman and simply hilarious.

Hunting couples are becoming more popular every year. In fact, women are the fastest growing demographic of hunters. So finding a significant other that hunts is becoming easier than ever.

But if that’s the case, stories like this may fall by the wayside…

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Bill Engvall Goes Deer Hunting with His Wife [VIDEO]