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Hikers Find Sinister Firearm Trap in Oregon


Police are investigating a firearm booby trap discovered by hikers on a popular trail in Portland, Oregon.

Married couple Mike and Jennifer Colbach, reported walking their dog on Forest Park hiking trail when they stumbled upon a cord stretched across a path near the park entrance. They say their dog stepped on the cord, and they saw something move in the woods nearby.

Upon returning to investigate, Mike Colbach found the cord connected to a beer bottle in a tree and nearby was a pipe aimed at the trip wire on the path. According to Colbach, the trap seems designed to have the bottle swing down and hit a firing pin on the pipe, apparently shooting at a target on the path.

Colbach alerted authorities, and a responding bomb squad found a 12-gauge shotgun shell in the pipe. The device appears either to be nonfunctional or had misfired when the Colbachs tripped it.

In an interview with Oregon Live, Colbach said residents reported suspicious noises from the area of the trap a few days before its discovery. Colbach also said while hiking with his wife he passed two men who "stuck out like a sore thumb," and "set off the hair on the back of [his] neck."

Colbach said he will be avoiding the park for a while in fear of tripping another firearm trap.

The device has since been removed and is being stored for evidence. The case is currently under investigation by the Portland Police Bureau's Gun Task Force and park officials have been notified.

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Hikers Find Sinister Firearm Trap in Oregon