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Hikers Accidentally Cross Paths With a Grizzly [VIDEO]


In an instant, this father/daughter hiking trip turned into a life-changing when they met a surprised grizzly.

This family will have something to talk about for the rest of their lives. A father and daughter came across a huge grizzly with two cubs while hiking. The hikers and the grizzly were equally surprised to see each other.

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As the daughter was slowly backing away, she fell and hit her head on hard rocks which made her pass out immediately. The father was left dealing with this giant grizzly.


This new ABC show, “In An Instant,” features this story along with others where the people’s lives changed drastically from one event. The show does an amazing job at reenacting the story to give the viewer a first-hand experience of what happened to change these people’s lives.

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Hikers Accidentally Cross Paths With a Grizzly [VIDEO]