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Hiker Says, ‘Go Away, Bear,’ and It Works! [VIDEO]

What would you do if you encountered two grizzlies? Just say, “Go away, bear.”

You’re on the trail, hiking along, just minding your own business when, suddenly, two grizzly bears are directly in your path.

The hiker in this video, unarmed and without his bear spray, uses a “go away, bear” approach and manages to keep himself intact.

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It looks like the hiker walked into a situation with two male grizzlies, one of which is run off by the more dominant bear.

The hiker calmly talks aloud, saying, “Go away, bear,” when the bear starts to run his way. Since no one really wants to be in the way of a running grizzly bear, the hiker steps off the path to let the bear go by. Smart move!

The younger bear keeps an eye on the more dominant grizzly, and then finally just moves on down the path. When the hiker steps back out, the bigger bear continues for a few steps toward him, but then decides he’s had enough. Clearly, the dominant bear’s intentions were to just get the other bear out of his area.

This hiker was lucky these grizzlies had another agenda. Otherwise, this situation could have been much worse. His calm demeanor seemed to keep the bears uninterested in him, which is definitely a good thing. After all, no one really wants the attention of a grizzly in the wild.

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Hiker Says, ‘Go Away, Bear,’ and It Works! [VIDEO]