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Incredible Deer Rescue Along Busy Highway [VIDEO]

Good samaritans team up to save a doe trapped in a highway fence in this amazing deer rescue video. 

Milwaukee-area fishing guide Eric Haataja and his family were driving on a busy highway last week when they spotted a young doe trapped in a fence along the roadside. Haataja and his family, along with a few other passersby, stopped to save the trapped deer.

With six lanes of traffic at their backs, the group were able to free the scared deer from of the fence. Haataja had to carry it over the fence so that it wouldn’t run back into traffic.

We’re always happy to see people paying it forward and helping out wildlife when they can. Way to be true sportsmen and women, folks.

More incredible rescues caught on camera:

Have you ever rescued a deer? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below. 

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Incredible Deer Rescue Along Busy Highway [VIDEO]