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High-Wire Fishing on the Mekong

Watch as one daring fisherman performs a circus act in order to reach his favorite fishing hole. Fishing on the Mekong looks dangerous. 

Holy raging rapids, Batman! Each year during monsoon season, Southeast Asia’s Mekong River swells to 20 times its normal volume—twice the flow of Niagara Falls—and Laos’ Khone Falls is littered with fish corralled together by the turbulent currents.

Unfortunately for nearby residents, the raging rapids make fishing on the Mekong nearly impossible, but not for Sam Niang. The local fisherman devised a clever, albeit dangerous, plan to cross the river and reach his favorite fishing perch.

“I have to be careful on the wire,” Niang said of the tightrope he built across the rapids. “If I slip, I will die. I don’t want that for my children.”



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High-Wire Fishing on the Mekong