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High School Student Illegally Kills Bobcat

Huffington Post

A student at Coffee County Central High School in Tennessee now faces charges of killing a bobcat out of season.

A 16-year-old male high school student is being investigated after a dead bobcat was found hanging from the goalpost of the Tullahoma High School football field. Apparently, the juvenile is not the one who is responsible for hanging the dead bobcat. Nonetheless, killing the animal out of season could cost the student a $50 fine, as well as court costs involved with this case.

The stunt was evidently part of a prank during the week of the school football team’s rivalry week. The Tullahoma High School mascot is the wildcat and it seems that supporters of Coffee County High School hung the bobcat as a display of competition.

CCHS Principal Dr. Joey Vaughn said last Wednesday morning:

This isn’t rivalry. This is mean. This is wrong and hateful. This does not represent our student body as a whole. We have great kids at our school and Tullahoma has great kids at its school.

In response to this act, PETA has offered a $2,500 reward to encourage people with more information about this case to step forward and help identify perpetrators. PETA is also imploring the school to enforce disciplinary punishment to any students who are guilty of participating in the animal’s illegal killing.

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High School Student Illegally Kills Bobcat