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High School Senior Killed in Devastating Deer Wreck

Fox 5

A high school senior is being remembered after he was involved in a deer related accident.

An Atlanta, Ga. area high school is grieving the loss of one of their seniors who was involved in an accident on Tuesday May 10 involving a deer.

Trenton Basden, 18, was set to graduate from North Forsyth High School this month.

Fox 5

The freak accident occurred as Basden was driving down Browns Bridge Road when another car driving in the opposite direction hit the deer. The deer was then thrown into the windshield of the Honda Civic Basden was driving.

According to investigators, the deer went airborne after being hit by a Toyota Scion heading west bound. Authorities say the high school senior, Basden, was killed on impact.

Debbie DeRoche lived nearby and her husband heard the crash.

"We were watching TV and my husband heard a loud crash. And my husband jumped up we saw the horses react to it," said DeRoche.

Ironically enough, one of here neighbors had witnessed the crash because he was behind Basden's car.

"He had seen the deer get hit and it catapulted and the deer just catapulted over, hit the other car and the car just slid slowly off the road," said DeRoche

Basden had been traveling home from an advanced placement economics study session when the accident happened.

We certainly send our condolences to the Basden family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and the North Forsyth High School family.

Fox 5

A roadside memorial was placed near the spot of the crash.


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High School Senior Killed in Devastating Deer Wreck