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High School Girl Impaled by Antler in Car Accident in Arkansas

Auto collisions with deer happen all the time, but unfortunately this collision turned out worse than others. 

A 17-year-old high school student was driving her car on a busy road in Jonesboro, Arkansas when a 5-point buck crashed through her driver side window and struck her in the face with an antler.

Tori Henry did the best she could to keep herself calm as she pulled over to the side of the road to avoid another car accident as a result of the freak collision. She was then taken to the hospital for an extensive five-hour-long surgery after it was discovered that her jaw bone was actually impaled by an antler.

This report from Region 8 Newsdesk explains more details of the accident. – Jackson, MS

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The collision happened around 4pm on a relatively busy city street, whereas most deer collisions happen at night, when visibility is low and deer movement is high.

A 5-hour surgery has Tori on the mend, and hopefully she’ll have nothing but a story to tell and maybe a few scars.

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High School Girl Impaled by Antler in Car Accident in Arkansas