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High Flying Atlantic Salmon Are a Sight to Behold

Images of flying fish - Atlantic salmon jumping, nay, leaping from the water, twisting in midair, trying to desperately throw the hook. That's excitement. That's Atlantic salmon season.

Leaping Atlantic salmon are, well, fun. They're fun to fish for, fun to fight, fun to catch, and fun to release. They are the acrobats of the salmon family, clearing the water with impressive height, shaking and gyrating to lose the fly. Sometimes it works too.

Hooke made this short film - less than a minute in length - in order to lead into the Atlantic salmon season to pump up the anglers and themselves. It works, too.

The Atlantic salmon season is on its way and we're getting pretty eager to wet a fly so we gathered all the best salmon jump shots we've filmed in this edit. It didn't help us to get over the restlessness, but at least we're one minute closer to the first drop.

Hooke is a fishing apparel and filming company based out of Quebec, Canada. They specialize in fly fishing, and in telling a story with pictures.

They say, "Creating a fly fishing community has always been at the core of Hooké. Traveling aboard the Hooké Van to share our passion, brought us to meet new people as passionate as we are, and we want you to meet them too."

I think they've told this little story of the excitement and drama of Atlantic salmon fishing quite well. With a half-dozen fish leaping from the water in slow motion, we get a taste of what fly fishing for Atlantic salmon is like.

Hooke's motto: 'Fly-Fishing Is The Most Fun You Can Have Standing Up!

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High Flying Atlantic Salmon Are a Sight to Behold