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Into High Country: Make the Most of Spring [VIDEO]

Sitka Gear/Facebook

Every season for a hunter is magical, and spring has its own set of extraordinary images.

Hiking into the wild in spring with bow, gun or backpack, a rising sun reveals new growth and re-awakened life after winter’s sleep.

Whether it’s hunting turkey or shed antlers, the little things comes into focus again. It’s a chance to see color again, in the form of springtime flowers. A stream flush with running snowmelt looks and feels fresh and clean. The view from the side of a mountain is invigorating, full of the promise of life.

Jason Matzinger, host of the exceptional hunting show, Into High Country, delivers in this two-minute welcome to spring. Matzinger’s videos are heavy on scenery and light on talk.

As such, it’s easy to put yourself into the boots hiking through the prairie grass or into the rushing stream.

This film, shared on the Sitka Gear Facebook page, is a celebration of spring and our place, as hunters, in the backcountry.

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Into High Country: Make the Most of Spring [VIDEO]