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Hide Your Pets When Mama Deer is in the Neighborhood [VIDEO]

Mother animals can get very protective over their young. This mama deer lets the whole neighborhood know not to mess with her fawn. 

This video is a bit deceiving. It opens with a sweet scene of a housecat licking an injured fawn’s head.

You are almost tricked into thinking this will be another cute cat video. Things in this quiet neighborhood then escalate quickly.


When the real mama deer presents herself, she is not happy.

Maybe she is more angry at herself for losing her young in the first place but this mama deer is just looking for someone or something to project her wrath onto. Unfortunately, that happened to be a dog.

The video then escalates quickly with the mama deer wailing on the poor dog, Star. Quiet Cranbrook suburbia doesn’t seem so safe anymore. Star’s owner can be heard trying to shriek the deer off her pet. Rightly so, that mama deer was not letting up. Star was hurt but she survived.

River the cat sees her little patient off with its mother when the mama deer tries to go after the cat. Cats are a bit faster than dogs, it seems, because River got away without knowing what wailing hooves feel like.

This is an example of why you, or your pets, should never get between a mother and its young. Even in the suburbs.

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Hide Your Pets When Mama Deer is in the Neighborhood [VIDEO]