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Hickok45 Reviews Smith & Wesson 1911 for ‘1911 Day’ [VIDEO]

Your favorite YouTube gun enthusiast is back, and with a ‘1911 Day.’

When it comes to YouTube gun enthusiasts, Hickok45 is a favorite among the pro-gun crowd. His videos consist of a wide variety of gun safety tips, reviews on the newest models, and advice on how to improve your shot accuracy.

Recently, Hickok45 provided viewers with a video dedicated to Smith & Wesson’s Model SW1911TA E series. He called this “1911 Day.”

Hickok45 claims that he is old-school for being surprised that Smith & Wesson makes a 1911, let alone one that is said to work well.

One of the first criticisms that Hickok45 has is that the sights are off slightly, causing the round to pull to the left after firing. However, that is something you could easily adjust on your own personal handgun.

Hickok mentions that he didn’t adjust the sights because the gun was a loaner, but mentions that it is definitely an option if you feel you are running into the same problem. The second criticism is that he isn’t personally a fan of the rail, but that isn’t necessarily anything that causes the gun not to shoot properly.

Over the time span of 16 minutes, he blows through multiple magazines and comments on how the gun feels good in his hands.

Regardless of Hickok’s biased towards Colts and original hesitation with purchasing a 1911 made by Smith & Wesson, he claims that this particular model would actually be a strong contender in his search for a new handgun.

MSRP for this particular model is currently $1,399.99.

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Hickok45 Reviews Smith & Wesson 1911 for ‘1911 Day’ [VIDEO]