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Hickok45 Reviews, Assembles the AR-7 Survival Rifle

Hickok45 gives an extensive review of the AR 7 survival rifle, a unique design that has stood the test of time.

The famous AR 7 survival rifle is given a thorough going over and range practise on a Hickok45 review. You get a great overview of the assembly, firing and disassembly of this unique rifle design by a guy who knows his stuff.

There you go, another great rundown from Hickok45 on a storied firearms. First developed and produced in the 1950s, the AR 7 survival rifle was issued to U.S. Airforce personnel as a gun of last resort to see them through potential downed aircraft survival in the wilderness.

It has now become a favorite of backpackers and outdoors adventurers as a "just-in-case" firearm that stores neatly in a small package and is very lightweight. After being made by various manufacturers, it is now produced by Henry Repeating Arms.

The first time I actually saw one of these rifles was in the movies on cable when I was a kid. In fact it was used by James Bond in the 1968 film From Russia with Love, having been issued to the iconic spy by that most famous supply guy of all, the venerable "Q".

Apparently the cool factor has not faded from this basic, yet reliable design and it continues to be a popular choice for military and civilian alike.


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Hickok45 Reviews, Assembles the AR-7 Survival Rifle