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This Guy Prowls "Alaska" with a Marlin STP .45/70 [VIDEO]

In the wilds of Alaska, a big caliber rifle is essential for survival.

This Marlin STP .45/70 lever action rifle fills the requirements of the Alaskan backcountry perfectly.

Lets go on a hunting trip on this "Alaskan" shooting range.

OK, so that snow-covered woody area is nothing compared to the real Alaskan wilderness. But hey, when you gotta make a YouTube video on a budget, who's gonna spring for a flight all the way up there?

The Marlin STP .45/70 lever action rifle has what it takes to handle this country, and then some.

The heavy .45/70 cartridge is a powerhouse against the big bears of the north. When you combine that with a stainless steel lever action rifle, you are loaded for just about anything you'll encounter.

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This Guy Prowls "Alaska" with a Marlin STP .45/70 [VIDEO]