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Hickok45 Goes for a Woods Walk with an M60 Belt-Fed Machine Gun

Hickok45 can woods walk with us any day, as long as he lets us try out the M60.

If you aren’t familiar with a woods walk, they are growing in popularity all over the country. To put it simply, targets are just placed about a trail through a woods or field in random placements in random distances away, then a shooter just goes along and fires at the targets. Well, Hickok45 just kicked it up a notch.

As you are about to see, an M60 can hit a lot of targets. Well, for that matter just about any belt fed machine gun can hit a lot of targets. Either way, Hickok45 sure does make it look easy.

“Until you have done a woods walk with a belt machine gun, you just haven’t done anything, I guess,” Hickok45 said. “Let’s go hunting!”

Perhaps a belt fed machine gun might take some of the sport out of the game, but I don’t think the man in the video you just watched really cared about that because of the amount of fun that he was having.

If something like this might look like a little bit of fun to you, just look up a few conservation clubs in your area. These types of events are a lot more common than you might think.



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Hickok45 Goes for a Woods Walk with an M60 Belt-Fed Machine Gun