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Hey, Look Out the Window! There’s an Albino Deer!

albino deer

Albino deer sure seem to be popping up more and more these days.

Any way you slice it, albino deer are rare. According to most estimates, one in 30,000 deer, on average, will be an albino. The odds are even greater than that if they make it to adulthood. Game camera pictures and hunters’ photos of these rare creatures crop up every hunting season, and they always catch the attention of Internet.

So, with that being said, out of Wisconsin comes a cell phone video of an albino deer that you have got to see.

I should clarify something: I’m only assuming this video is out of Wisconsin because of the Green Bay Packers cell phone case you can see in the passenger window… maybe the person recording just happens to be a big Packer fan. Either way, catching something like this on video while just driving by is a pretty rare thing.

So, what do you think? Will this doe make it through deer season? It seems to be doing pretty well so far. Perhaps, considering all the other deer seen in the video clip, these deer are living in a park.

Hopefully more videos like this start making the rounds sooner rather than later.


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Hey, Look Out the Window! There’s an Albino Deer!