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Hey Bro, There's a BIG Bear Under the Deck!


What would be the first words out of your mouth if you peeked under your deck and saw a huge bear staring right at you? 

"Oh, he's a big one. Holy sh!#!"

It's a safe bet that those would be similar to anyone's first words upon seeing the size of the bear under this back porch. The only difference might be the order of the exclamations.

The guys in this South Lake Tahoe, California house know there's a bear under their deck, but don't know just how huge the bear is until one of them sticks a camera below it.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

The wisdom of continuing to film in close proximity to a clearly agitated bear--have you ever heard a bear hiss like that?--is fodder for conversation. But even more questionable is the decision to follow the big bruin as it leaves along the side of the house.

While it might not get nominated for a Darwin Award, it would be a little tough to not keep filming. This big bear is magnificent (magnificent and scary dangerous, I agree).

This fellow was lucky though and didn't reap the negative reward he might have had the bear decided to channel Sean Penn and showed just how much he didn't like being followed by the paparazzi.

But in what might be seen as a genuine act of disdain for his camera-toting antagonist, the disgruntled bear gives the homeowner a final gesture of its true feelings. Before lumbering off the property it stops, turns its head to look at the man, lifts its stubby tail and drops a load of "attitude."

If I'm either of these guys, the old saying "Does a bear sh!# in the woods" just got rephrased.


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Hey Bro, There's a BIG Bear Under the Deck!