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Hero Wildlife Officer Saves Utah Man from Mule Deer Attack

If this wildlife officer wasn’t ready and willing to help, things could have turned ugly. 

A man in Draper, Utah walked out into his backyard at 8:00 am after hearing a commotion coming from his dog. Moments later, he was swiftly attacked by a mule deer that had been previously attacking his dog. Before he knew it, the man found himself locked in a losing battle with the buck goring its antlers into his stomach. It was at this point that the story really got interesting.

The victim’s daughter quickly called 911 and minutes later, Animal Services supervisor Dennis Wilson arrived on scene. According to reports, he described seeing the deer on top of the victim, still continuing to gore him, while also using its hooves to stomp him. It was at this point, wildlife officer Wilson sprang into action.

For more details on this incredible story, just check out this news report.

Wilson quickly grabbed the deer, pushing it away from the victim, who then ran back inside his house. The deer then turned on Wilson and the fight started back over again. Luckily, Wilson was able to gain control of the deer and pin it to the ground in the corner of the yard and hold it in place until city police officers arrived on scene. Facing no other alternatives, they then put the mule deer down.

In hindsight, had this incident involved a child, or perhaps even somebody not in the same physical condition as the victim in this story, things may not have worked out they way they did.


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Hero Wildlife Officer Saves Utah Man from Mule Deer Attack