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The “Hero Line” From Open the Cage Gear: Clothing with a Message

Check Out The New "Hero Line" Of Clothing From Open The Cage Gear

Open the Cage Gear is about to release a new “Hero Line” of clothing, paying homage to those who have sacrificed so much to preserve our freedom. 

The idea of the Hero Line of clothing is draw attention to some of the issues facing the men and women who have served our country. Among other groups, Open the Cage Gear has announced that the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (a frog skeleton is a symbol of fallen Navy SEALs), Medal of Honor Recipient Clint Romesha, as well as Mark “OZ” Geist and John “TIG” Tiegen (who both served in Benghazi), will all be key members of the Hero Line.

As they say on their website, the phrase “Open the Cage” is defined as: 

The act of facing one’s fears, limitations boundaries; a conscious decision to fight for something of value.

With this in mind, their new promotional video really hits the nail on the head.

The Hero Line of clothing will include shirts, hoodies, and tank tops in a wide range of styles for both men and women. All the clothes in the line will keep with the overall spirit of Open the Cage as well as the tagline: “Life is a fight… Open the cage.”

We’ll keep you posted when Open the Cage officially releases the Hero Line of clothing.

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The “Hero Line” From Open the Cage Gear: Clothing with a Message