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Wade Fishing for Giant Catfish? We Have That Right Here

Catching a giant catfish below a falls or dam site is standard procedure and this guy just landed a truck.

If you’ve been fortunate enough in your lifetime to fish a falls or raceway someplace where enormous catfish live then you’ve taken one prime thing off of your bucket list.

This guy has taken things one step further by making it happen without any waders or shirt. Here’s how you land a huge cat by standing right in his home and coaxing him right into your hands.

While the video is a bit shaky, you still get the gist of it. Whoever was filming the big catch seemed to be in some kind of vehicle, but luckily they got the big moment when it counted the most. That is one brute of a catfish!

Now you have to decide if you would even want to walk in waters with fish that look like they could eat your leg! All I can say is hand me the rig and get out of my way because I’m going in when they’re that big and fight like that.



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Wade Fishing for Giant Catfish? We Have That Right Here