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Here's Why a YETI is the Last Cooler You'll Ever Need [VIDEO]

yeti cooler

There are many reasons why a YETI cooler reigns as the champion, but this is the most impressive reason.

This video clearly shows how strong and durable a YETI cooler is under some extreme field conditions.

This is the number one reason why the YETI is the king of coolers and the last one you'll ever need.

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The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) tested YETI coolers with two adult grizzlies, and ultimately labeled it Certified Bear Resistant. If that doesn't impress you, consider this. According to National Geographic, a grizzly bear's claws are up to six inches long, they can bite through cast iron skillets, and can produce enough force to crush a bowling ball. It's been said that a single grizzly bear has the strength of over five adult humans. Yet, not even that type of ridiculous strength is enough to get through the YETI.

In addition to all this, the YETI cooler comes in many different styles and sizes so you can find one that suits your needs easily. With two or more inches of polyurethane insulation in the cooler walls and lids, the YETI will keep ice for days, provided you load it properly.

So next time you go camping or on a hunting/fishing trip, consider bringing along a YETI cooler. It will keep your food fresh for days, but it will also keep critters large and small out. And with protection like that, it's the last cooler you'll ever need.

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Here's Why a YETI is the Last Cooler You'll Ever Need [VIDEO]