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Here's Why You Don't Want to Be Charged by a Wounded Hog

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Bet these hog hunters wish that they killed these hogs with their first shot.

No one ever said that hog hunting wasn't a dangerous game and this video proves it, point blank.

Watch these hog hunters try to escape angry wild hogs that are charging right at them!

Wouldn't want to be in their shoes!

If you're a diehard hog hunter, then you know that hogs are pretty tough and when they aren't hit good, can run for miles before piling up. Therefore, having a hard hitting round that can do the job with one hit is what you need.

winchester ammunition, hog hunting

If you're shooting a .308, the 150 grain Razorback XT from Winchester is a seriously heavy hitting bullet that delivers maximum expansion and substantial devastation in the field. With a solid one-piece bullet, the Razorback XT will blow through the tough hide of a hog plus bones and shoulder plates without breaking up and dispersing throughout the hog. Something that's crucial when you want to drop a 250 pound boar in his tracks.


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Here's Why You Don't Want to Be Charged by a Wounded Hog