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Here’s Why Wyoming is Considered a Top Fly Fishing Destination

Wyoming is arguably the best fly fishing destination in North America. 

When you think of vast wildlife, incredible scenery, beautiful canyons, and incredible trout fishing, Wyoming often comes to mind. For those that know, it is always near the top of the short list of what many consider to be the most epic fly fishing destination around. In this short video from Backwater Fly Fishing, it’s easy to see why.

It’s hard to watch this and not feel the adrenaline from seeing a trout slowly rise while anticipating the take. It’s also hard not to watch this video and call your travel agent to get something rolling for a Western adventure right away.

That’s pretty incredible footage! The clip of the big brookie in the pool beating out the smaller one for the take is one perfectly timed shot! Wyoming is full of streams and rivers that all offer some of the very best trout fishing you are going to find. It’s just a matter of making it happen.

To see more videos like this, to also include fly tying videos, be sure to check out Capt. Jesse Males and Backwater Fly Fishing. He fishes all over and has some pretty epic videos to go right along with it.



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Here’s Why Wyoming is Considered a Top Fly Fishing Destination