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Here’s What to Say If You’ve Used “Gone Fishing” One Too Many Times

“Gone Fishing” is played out. It’s time for something new.

You’ve seen those signs in cartoons and on television. “Gone fishing” on a note on the door and an empty office.

While you may have literally just went fishing, there are better ways to explain where you went. Here are four things to say next time you catch yourself getting ready to say, “Gone fishing.”

“Going Catching”

gone fishing

Who wants to fish when you could go catching? As many internet memes have explained, a real fisherman goes catching and does not have time to simply go fishing. If you say that you are going catching you should do better, right? Have to stay positive if you expect to have success.

Going “species name” Fishing

Sometimes in life you have to be specific. This is one of those times.

Imagine if you fish for one species only and an acquaintance says, “You should meet my friend Bob. He’s loves fly fishing.” If you are not a fly fisherman you might not want to meet Bob. He is probably a nice guy but you may not have as much in common as your acquaintance thinks. If you only fish for one species it may save you some trouble if you clear that up right away.

Going to Rip Some Lips

PETA and other non-fishing people might call this cruel. I guess it does sound a little bad if you are not a fisherman, but it also sounds really cool. Go rip some lips and catch some fish next time you are “Gone fishing.”

Going to Church

gone fishing

Church is different for everybody. Some prefer to go to church every Sunday and some prefer to get closer to nature and find peace on the water. The good thing is you can go to church any day of the week and still actually go to a church on Sunday.


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Here’s What to Say If You’ve Used “Gone Fishing” One Too Many Times