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Here’s Your Weekly Hand Grenade Fail [VIDEO]

When you perform a hand grenade fail like this, make sure you have a big hole to jump in.

This is why throwing a hand grenade is best left to the experts. Once you need to get it out of your hand, make sure it lands far enough away, okay?

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This guy is a rookie and what’s worse, he throws like one.


This is a video of a Chinese army recruit being instructed in the use and throwing of a hand grenade. If the officer was trying to teach him a hand grenade fail, then he’s the best teacher ever.

It seems to me like he should get a baseball and a glove and work on throwing for a while first. It looked like he limp-wristed it, but maybe something else went wrong. Good thing his instructor was on the ball and instantly got that rookie into the safety of the ditch.

Ever see a fail like this before?



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Here’s Your Weekly Hand Grenade Fail [VIDEO]