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Here’s the Value of Chainsaw Safety Gear Demonstrated [VIDEO]


Here’s how that safety gear keeps you safe when using your chainsaw!

Watch this video to see how important chainsaw safety gear, including chaps, can be.

These chaps especially are not a bad idea while you’re out doing yard work or cutting firewood this season.

The safety chaps don’t look like much, but they sure seem to be effective. I’ve seen them for sale before and always wondered what protection they could possibly offer. They don’t look like much when folded on a shelf.

I had no idea they were designed to stop the saw like that.

The helmet that provides hearing, face and eye protection is nice too. Having everything in one unit means less gear to misplace.

So before you go out into the woods to cut some more wood for this winter, you might want to invest in some of this equipment first.

Stay safe out there!

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Here’s the Value of Chainsaw Safety Gear Demonstrated [VIDEO]