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Here’s How to Tie a Double Uni Knot [VIDEO]

This video is all you need to learn how to tie a double uni knot. 

In many fishing situations, there comes a time when two lines need to be tied together. Often times, this need arises for a leader to tippet connection, joining backing to the main line, or attaching a mono or fluorocarbon leader to braid. In all of these situations, and many more, a double uni knot is the knot of choice.

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Pay real close attention to this video by Accurate Fishing, and maybe even grab some line and practice right along with the video.


After watching the video, it’s really not that hard at all is it? Be sure to utilize this simple line connection knot for fly fishing, or just any fishing in general when you need to connect your main line to something else.

You will be glad you did.


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Here’s How to Tie a Double Uni Knot [VIDEO]