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Here’s the Best Way to Tie the EP Baitfish

The EP Baitfish is one of the top flies to tie for all predatory game fish. 

Enrico Puglisi (EP) is a pioneer when it comes to the world fly tying. His revolutionary patterns and materials have caught fish the world over while some of the most meticulous fly tiers still find themselves in awe of his skill. Fortunately, Backwater Fly Fishing breaks down a tying style that is very easy to follow in this step by step video for how to tie the EP baitfish.

The EP baitfish is one of the most versatile flies that can be tied to fish salt or fresh water. It perfectly mimics a variety of baitfish species and is pretty much only limited by the variety of EP fibers that you can find.

See what you think below.

Capt. Jesse Males sure makes it look easy. After a little bit of practice and few more times watching this video, you should be able to get it down. From there, your EP baitfish will only be limited by your imagination.

It may take a little practice at first, but after a while you just might be tying flies better than anything you can find in a fly shop.



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Here’s the Best Way to Tie the EP Baitfish