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Here’s Some Sweet Austrian Fly Fishing [VIDEO]

Trout in Trouble/Vimeo

This fly fishing video has all the right ingredients: amazing scenery, great music, slow motion casting and lots of trout.

Set in the Austrian Alps, the guys from Trout in Trouble documented an uncomplicated mission: cover a whole bunch of water and entice a whole bunch of trout out of aforementioned water.

The result? Almost seven minutes of pure fly fishing beauty.

I’m reminded of a simple truth after watching this; fishing is beautiful. For everything we sometimes make it into, tournaments, TV shows, lure advertisements, the act in and of itself is pure art.

Being on the water with a fly rod in hand is sweet enough. Add to the recipe some hungry trout and it’s sheer bliss. Enjoy!

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Here’s Some Sweet Austrian Fly Fishing [VIDEO]