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Here’s How the SPOT Messenger Device Performed in South Africa and Mozambique

SPOT Messenger Device South Africa Mozambique

Good news: the SPOT messenger device will work in southern Africa.

Several months ago, I wrote a couple of reviews of the SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS messenger and the SPOT Global Phone. They worked for me on hunting trips in Texas and in the Pacific Northwest as well as on a vacation I took to Yellowstone National Park.

Well, I just got back from a trip to South Africa and Mozambique and I’ve got good news: the SPOT messenger device worked there as well.

Though this is not exactly a surprise (South Africa and Mozambique are both listed as in service on the SPOT coverage map), it was still good to confirm that I could use the device there.

spot gen3 statellite gps messenger coverage map

During my two week trip, I travelled through some pretty remote parts of South Africa and Mozambique. Some places had cell phone signal, but most did not. However, I carried my SPOT for the entire trip.

This enabled me to send countless “Check-In” messages to my wife and allow her to keep up with my trip progress by following my track updates.

The map below shows the track of my drive from Mapai, Mozambique to where I crossed back into South Africa at the Pafuri Border Post.

Here's How The SPOT Messenger Device Performed in South Africa and Mozambique map

Fortunately, I did not have occasion to test the S.O.S. function on my SPOT messenger on my trip. However, the functions that I did use worked flawlessly, which gives me confidence that it would have also worked in an emergency.

The guys I was with on the trip (both South African Professional Hunters) had never heard of the SPOT messenger device before they saw mine. However, they were both extremely impressed with its performance.

Especially in their line of work where they spend weeks at a time hunting dangerous animals in remote parts of the African bush, it is extremely important to have a way to call for help if they have an emergency that occurs outside of normal cell phone coverage. They have a satellite phone, but they’ll be supplementing it with a couple of SPOT messenger devices of their own very soon.

I’ll definatley be bringing my SPOT messenger with me on my next trip to Africa.

Get one here for $169.95 or find a retailer near you.

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Here’s How the SPOT Messenger Device Performed in South Africa and Mozambique