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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Throw Old Lures Overboard


Throwing old lures overboard adds up over time and here’s the really sad result.

Every now and then, we as outdoor enthusiasts, anglers and hunters see something that really hits home and makes us think “There must be a better way.”

Recently, I came across this photo on social media and couldn’t help but to think about how many old lures, line and trash is thrown overboard each year by fellow anglers around the world. Even though it might not seem like a big deal at the time, there’s no doubt that it all adds up and the result is fish ingesting these lures and trash.

The fish below was caught by a bass angler on Lake Austin in Texas, and I can only imagine the shocking face they must have had when they decided to filet this really nice fish.

With seven old rubber worms found in its digestive system, this poor fish would likely die at some point due to the massive overload of lures that it ingested over the course of its life. Now, that’s just awful.

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@Bassblaster via Instagram

With the excitement of spring fishing season coming on fast, we’re all bound to head to the local tackle shop, purchase a ridiculous amount of new lures, line and gadgets to help land the fish of a lifetime this season. As obvious as it might be, old lures and spools of tangled line need to find their way to the garbage can rather than the water.

Keep in mind that as easy as it is to throw them overboard, it’s even easier to throw it all away before leaving home. The upside to ditching old gear is more room in the tackle box and less trash in the water. Ultimately, this will benefit both fish and anglers for years to come!

Thank you to all who do everything possible to help keep our lakes, forests and wilderness free of trash throughout the year.

Tight lines and good luck this season!



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Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Throw Old Lures Overboard