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Here’s Why You are Scanning Wrong After a Shot [VIDEO]


Scanning after shooting: You’re doing it wrong.

We have all seen it at some point, either on the range shooting casually or in a class or competition. There are those 2 or 3 guys who whip their heads right and left real quick before holstering. This is called scanning. The idea is is it’s supposed to train you to break tunnel vision during an engagement to look for other threats in the area. Unfortunately most people do it wrong.

Recently, Instructor Zero had the opportunity to teach some of the French Special Forces and explain why he feels that scanning during training is wasted time and effort and energy that can be devoted to other training aspects. Funker Tactical was on hand to document on video his instruction for them.

NOTE: You will see him use his firearm during the demonstration while facing the class. According to the video and description, the firearm was cleared and checked by multiple people before filming began.


Remember that this is just Zero’s opinion. Whether or not you want to believe it or use it comes down to your experiences. It’s up to you to interpret it and decided to use it or not.

I don’t know about you, but not only was it a treat to watch Zero instruct, the falling snow was beautiful too. What a great setting to teach in!

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Here’s Why You are Scanning Wrong After a Shot [VIDEO]