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Here's How to Remove a Stuck Muzzleloading Bullet

Got a stuck muzzleloading bullet? Use this tool to clear your barrel and get back to hunting.

More than likely when you purchased your muzzleloader, it came with a bag of accessories, most of which weren't labeled. It's also highly likely that you received a muzzleloading bullet puller in that very set of tools.

Join in with Greg Ritz and Tiffany Lakosky as they show you how simple it is to remove a stuck muzzleloading bullet in the field.

Unfortunately, in the world of muzzleloading you're bound to have a situation where you're going to need to extract the bullet in the field. Whether you forgot to load the powder before pushing down the bullet or if you didn't add enough powder, carrying a bullet puller takes up very little room in your pocket and costs less than $5 bucks.

Let's just say that having one with you in the field can be the difference between having a very bad day and sending a bullet at your next trophy.

Good luck in the upcoming muzzleloader season and don't forget your bullet puller at home!

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Here's How to Remove a Stuck Muzzleloading Bullet