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5 Things, 1 Pike: They Really Will Eat Anything

One thing we’ve always known is how much pike like to eat, but after seeing this, you can add to the list of the craziest things you’ve ever seen.

When the bite is on you could attach a treble hook to your car keys and you’d boat some fish, but after watching this video, if you decide to try a full size duck or a fillet knife as bait, no one will think you’re crazy.

Here’s the head shaking truth about northern pike that you’ve been looking for.

Caution: all the pike were gutted or killed and there’s plenty of swearing in the video

Let’s review: another pike almost the same size, a rat, some kind of diving duck, a fillet knife, a live perch, and two topwater frogs!

First of all, I’ve got to believe that none of these fish that could have survived did so. It was a little tough to start right out watching them rip the smaller pike out of the larger one’s gullet, but as I’ve stated in the past: if it’s the right season, the right size, and you have a valid license, it’s yours to keep.

After that, has anyone pulled a fillet knife out of a pike before?! I’ve seen plenty of perch come out of a pike, but not one that could be released! How about the guy that got his lures back? It sure wouldn’t be the first time that a bass fisherman was stripped of his lure by a marauding, crazy-ass northern pike.



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5 Things, 1 Pike: They Really Will Eat Anything