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Here’s the Privacy You Get While Deployed [VIDEO]

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Long, hot days are not the only sacrifices the military makes; take a look at the privacy you get while deployed.

If you are a Wide Open Spaces reader, you know that we are strong supporters of the United States Military. We do our best to share in their shooting achievements with our audience, but along with that, we also like to share some of the sacrifices with our readers.

Last week we showed you how the military members as a whole have more than one reason not to sleep while on the job, now we bring you another humorous side effect of military life by showing you the amount of privacy you get while deployed.

While this is all in good fun, don’t forget to thank a member of the military for their service, and just remember that unless you have been there, you can’t possibly know all of the sacrifices that are being made to protect your freedoms.

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Here’s the Privacy You Get While Deployed [VIDEO]