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Here's Why People Get Gored by Bison! [VIDEO]

Here is exactly how all those 'Gored by Bison' videos typically start.

In a rather crazy video from Chandler Nix, you will see a guy, and hear a girl, who obviously do not respect nature.

Of course, this video looks like fun. Who wouldn't want to hand-feed a bison through your car window?

The problem comes when one day down the road this seemingly docile creature decides it's done playing around.

There is a reason there are signs that tell people not to feed animals all over national parks. Once animals start to become too accustomed to humans, problems start to arise. I'm sure we are preaching to the choir about this, but a little repetition often isn't a bad thing.

Luckily, for the people in this video, all is well that ends well. Unfortunately, for the next unlucky guy down the road, it might not be so pretty.


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Here's Why People Get Gored by Bison! [VIDEO]