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Here’s One Awesome Shotshell to Fix Your Snake Problems

Need to shoot small rodents or snakes? The CCI Shotshell is the best way to cover a small target with a big blast.

The CCI shotshell was designed to make sure that you have a clear and wide shot for any small targets. Oftentimes we try to figure out how to get a .22LR to smack a mouse at close distances.

Taking a single round and trying to hit a target that’s about one to two inches is surprisingly challenging for the beginner shooter.

Take in the shotshell by CCI and you are instantly granted about a 6-inch radius to hit your intended target with minimal effort. If you take your sight picture within the 5-foot range, you’re going to get that little rodent or snake on the first try. Its quite easy to point and shoot knowing that you’re peppering your target with small pellets at a safe distance.

Tnoutdoors9 made sure to stress that these cartridges are not for self defense. While shooting this video, the very reliable Glock 19 also failed to complete ejecting the spent aluminum casing. Had the cartridge been in a revolver and not a box magazine, I think the feeding of rounds for sequential fire would have been rather quick.

The biggest selling point of this cartridge is that it can offer the best remedy for small snakes that get way to close. Naturally, if we can protect endangered snakes we want to take as much care as we can. Snakes can obviously pose a threat for small children and if removal is not an option for any reason, the CCI shotshell is the next best answer.

Stay vigilant, keep training, and watch out for the snakes!

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Here’s One Awesome Shotshell to Fix Your Snake Problems