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Here’s an Old-School Fish Trap Used the Right Way [VIDEO]

There's fishing for fun, and there's fishing to eat. Here's how indigenous people use a fish trap to catch dinner and make some extra money.

Here's an old-school basket trap that's been used by humans for thousands of years.

Catching dinner every day is about survival. When people start to realize that food doesn't come from the grocery store, and has to be harvested by some on a daily basis, they'll understand what conservation really is.">

When we have to set out a fish trap every night to catch our dinner, then we might become more aware of things like conservation.

Some may see a full fish basket as over-fishing, while others see a full belly and for more than one night!

The indigenous peoples of the world can teach us something about the earth that we sometimes forget: It's a finite place and renewable resources, like fish, are only renewable if we don't harvest them faster than they can replenish their population.

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Here’s an Old-School Fish Trap Used the Right Way [VIDEO]