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Here's What the NSSF Had to Say Post-Election


The NSSF is the defining voice of many shooters across America. 

In a statement released to YouTube, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, or NSSF, gave their thoughts and hope for a Trump presidency, post-election. This statement is flat out music to the ears of many shooters around the country. This couldn't be more true for those who believe in the right of self-defense as well.

Here is the transcript of the statement:

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Trade Association for the Firearms and Ammunition Industry, congratulates President Elect Donald Trump on his historic victory. The American people have spoken; we have elected both a President and a Congress that will protect our individual right to keep and bear arms.

The work of those who love liberty, and our hunting and shooting sports traditions, is never over. Americans need to remain involved in the political process to help ensure that the defense of our Second Amendment remains strong, and that the lawful commerce of firearms is protected at all levels of government.

We thank all of those Americans who supported NSSF's 2016 gun vote voter registration initiative. We know that we can count on you. You should know that we remain steadfast in our mission to help promote, protect, and preserve hunting and the shooting sports.

With the help of the NSSF, and the next four to eight years of Donald Trump in office, our right to bear arms should not be in question. Education and expansions of gun rights seem to go hand in hand, and the future is bright for the industry as a whole.

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Here's What the NSSF Had to Say Post-Election