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Here's Why Nightcrawlers Are in Short Supply Right Now

Canada's long winter and dry spring kept night crawlers deep underground and delayed picking.

When most people think of freshwater fishing bait, night crawlers are the first thing to come to mind. The long, fat worms are sold at just about every bait shop in the country.

But this summer, the bait market is experiencing a nightcrawler shortage. The long, cold winter and dry month of May have kept the night crawlers deep in the ground, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The bulk of night crawlers that are sold in the US are harvested in Canada. Every summer, bait hunters pick millions of night crawlers in Canadian soil and ship them south to the US market.

For the first time in more than decade, nightcrawler suppliers are scrambling to find the beefy fishing worms.

From the WSJ article:

"This spring's dearth of Canadian nightcrawlers, the worst in 26 years according to suppliers, has caused havoc with supply chains, affecting mom-and-pop bait shops and nationwide sellers. Some stores have raised prices, while others have held the line. At the same time, some bait shops say they have noticed little change in supply or price."

Some bait distributors like Andreas Benechoutsos, president of Olympic Wholesale Live Bait in Scarborough, Ontario, are raising prices higher than they have in more than 20 years.

"I've never seen a year like this year," Benechoutsos told the Wall Street Journal.

Have you had a hard time find night crawlers this summer? 

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Here's Why Nightcrawlers Are in Short Supply Right Now