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Here’s a New Way to Throw a Cast Net [VIDEO]


It never hurts to learn another skill or get better at another type of fishing.

This demonstration form Captain Rob Gorta provides some great ideas for beginners, and can even help those who have thrown a cast net for years. There are even a few tidbits of information he gives the viewers throughout the video that will help your search for bait fish.

It’s crucial as a fisherman that you know the bait that will be catching fish, and many times it is live bait. For those looking to fill up on bait fish without forking over the cash, a cast net is an investment that will be worth your money.

This technique is undoubtedly one that takes some time to master, but it’s definitely something worth looking into for most serious fisherman.

Like anything, practice will help you master the three part cast net technique and make your fishing experience better altogether.

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Here’s a New Way to Throw a Cast Net [VIDEO]