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Here’s the Latest Roundup of Pending IGFA Record Fish [PICS]

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Congrats are in order for all of these fishermen lucky enough to hold up an IGFA record fish. 


It takes a lot of luck, dedication, skill, and desire to catch a fish big enough to be considered an IGFA record. The International Game and Fish Association regulates world fishing records for all fresh and saltwater fish.

Here are the latest rounds of entries that are currently pended to be certified new world records.

All pictures and information come directly from the IGFA.

Click below to see current crop of pending IFGA record fish.

Line Class World Record Wels Catfish


Joachim Ochmann caught an incredible 56 kg (123-pound, 7 oz) wels catfish on only 10 kg (20-pound) line. The giant fish was quickly weighed on certified scales per IGFA standards and released back into the water. If approved, Ochmann’s fish will crush the current men’s 10 kg (20-pound) line class record, which stands at only 10.66 kg (23 pounds, 8 oz).

Cubera Women’s Line Class World Record


April Tambor’s curbera, If approved, will etch her name on the top spot for the new women’s 37 kg (80-pound) line class record, which has stood at 15.1 kg (33-pound, 4 oz) since 2003. This record fish was caught off the reefs of South Florida.

Junior Female World Record Roosterfish


Maya Thompson – age 15 – caught the potential Female Junior World Record roosterfish while fishing near Pinas Bay, Panama. The current Female Junior record stands at 24.45 kg (53 pounds, 14 oz). Thompson’s catch should easily take the new record, if approved.

Northern Pike Line Class World Record


George Bernstein’s 12.4 kg (27 pounds, 8 oz) northern pike, taken on the fly from Lac La Martre, Canada, is a true monster. He is is looking to take the record by hauling it on only 4 kg (8-pound) tippet. This pending new class World Record thumps the old record for eight-pound tippet which currently stands at 12.24 kg (27 pounds).

Bernstein is also 80 years old.

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Here’s the Latest Roundup of Pending IGFA Record Fish [PICS]